Human Rights

Message from the CEO

Dear reader,

As a cargo carrier serving an extensive international network, it is our responsibility to ensure our operations respect Human Rights and create value for society. Air cargo is a central component of the global supply chain and air freight operators are in the middle of a vast and complex logistics industry.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Cargolux has established a comprehensive compliance program encompassing Human Rights. The extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) process, for example, enables the airline to assess its customers’ engagements and ensure they are aligned with our company values, including Human Rights. We take our responsibility to conduct ethical and fair business seriously, and support others within the supply chain to follow suit.

The KYC process is supported by stringent Compliance monitoring to ensure that all shipments and transshipments are not in breach of any regulations including sanctioned items and countries, and that all required documentation for shipments has been received and vetted. In addition to applicable regulations, we also apply our own self-imposed restrictions on what we carry on board our aircraft. Any deviation is investigated and, when required, entities are verified from shipper to consignee to cover the full scope of the transport. Cargolux refuses any transport of weapons and dual-use goods linked to entities suspected of maltreatment of individuals or governments notorious for breaching Human Rights. This engagement is complemented by a growing list of embargoed goods and countries which is continually reviewed and updated.

From an employer perspective, Cargolux is intent on ensuring fair and ethical treatment for all employees. We have a solid Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) program in place to ensure that the workplace is safe and risks of incidents and accidents are kept to a minimum. Most of our employees are covered by a Collective Work Agreement that goes beyond labor law in its guarantees towards personnel. A company-wide Human Rights program is under development to enhance our commitment.

Human Rights is a complex issue that is, at times, difficult to assess and monitor but Cargolux is committed to play its part in ensuring these fundamental rights are respected. We are increasingly taking steps in the right direction and raising awareness of this crucial topic.



Richard Forson,

President & CEO