Embargoed goods

As a company strongly focused on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, Cargolux has a growing list of items that it will not carry, on any of its network routes, for ethical and legal reasons.

Cargolux has imposed the following commercial and/or regulatory embargoes:

Temporary embargoes related to COVID-19

Destination Commodity
ALL Human remains, except when cremated

Embargoed goods

Destination Commodity
ALL Personal transportation devices in baggage, including when the baggage is shipped as cargo
ALL Hunting trophies, any type/species
ALL Ivory, raw or worked, including personal items and souvenirs
ALL Wild captured animals
VIE Dangerous goods, in Class 2 (Gases)
ALL Coltan (originating in Africa)
ALL Diamonds and gold originating in the Ivory Coast, Ghana and/or Nigeria
TPE Live animals
ALL Lithium metal cells and batteries (UN3090) packed in accordance with all sections of PI 968.
Note: This prohibition does not apply to Lithium metal cells and batteries packed with or contained in equipment (UN 3091) in accordance with PI 969 and PI 970
ALL Animals, for lab research
Infected or otherwise contaminated animals
Genetically modified animals
Lion body parts, including skulls, skeletons, skins, teeth and claws
Dead animals
ALL Live animals, including hunting trophies, listed under CITES, Appendix I, unless:
Consigned to a zoological garden, a marine park or oceanarium, a national park/reserve, a government wildlife agency or an approved animal care center
Transported within the scope of a wildlife conservation/preservation program
ITALY Radioactive material to, from and through Italy
ALL Fissile material
ALL Waste and scrap material, any type (Including defective batteries and waste batteries shipped for recycling/disposal)
IRELAND Dangerous goods in class 1, 6, 7
EMBARGOED COUNTRIES Dual-use goods, arms, ammunition & military equipment to some countries as set forth in the Conditions of Carriage art. 6.1.1
ALL Shark fins for human consumption
Whale or dolphin meat and other cetacean-derived products
EU countries Importation and transit of live birds, and products thereof, from third countries into and through the European Union

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