Cargolux signs World Economic Forum Charter!

Cargolux has signed the World Economic Forum’s Charter for Humanitarian Supply Chain Resilience. This commitment reflects the organization’s engagement to work with the humanitarian sector in keeping essential goods moving through the supply chain.

As an advocate for global welfare and human rights, Cargolux takes a strong stand when it comes to healthcare. The disruption experienced by global supply chains since the beginning of the pandemic have highlighted both the interdependency international trade as well as the importance of ensuring seamless logistical streams.

Cargolux is one of many players in the industry to have joined this initiative in an effort to enhance collaboration and promote resilient supply chains to support humanitarian causes. As Richard Forson, Cargolux’s President & CEO states: “Cargolux is proud to have become a signatory of this charter. As recent events have shown, our industry is crucial to maintaining the global supply chain and airlines have played in important role to this end. Collective action through public-private partnerships is key to building supply chain resilience and sustainability.”

Through the support for this Charter, Cargolux sends a strong signal that the industry stands ready and committed to building inclusive, sustainable, and resilient supply chains by leveraging and sharing logistics assets and expertise with the humanitarian sector.