Flight Crew training

Building on over 30 years of 747 experience, Cargolux provides high-quality training using state of the art equipment.

The Flight Training Center is located in Luxembourg, at the airline's headquarters in heart of Europe.

Cargolux offers tailored training for customers including 747-400 and 747-8 type rating courses and a multitude of classroom, CBT and hands-on programs. As an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) Cargolux has a Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) approval.

The competitive rates include state-of-the-art equipment such as full flight simulators, procedure trainers, emergency and safety material as well as classrooms.


Cargolux's expertise

747-400 and 747-8 training specialist

747 operator since 1979, first airline to fly the 747-400F and launch customer for the 747-8F

Dedicated training center
Flight Training Center in Cargolux HQ in Luxembourg featuring state of the art training equipment
Highly experienced trainers
Average experience of 20 years line flying in the very complex Cargolux network
Flexible offers
Reliable, tailored, and customer-oriented service starting from the ground training to line training under supervision
Highly skilled personnel
Extensive expertise on the very complex Cargolux network

Real Aircraft Training in the extensive Cargolux operational network. Operational line training can be tailored towards customer requests, provided it is in line with current regulations.

Training courses

  • Type Rating Training
  • Renewal Training
  • Line Training as part of Type Rating / Commander Training (can also be on customer’s aircraft)
  • Command Training (B747-400 & B747-8)
  • Difference Training (B747-400 to B747-8)
  • Instructor Training (B747)
  • Examiner Training (B747)
  • ELP Assessment
  • ESET
  • First Aid / Ditching (dinghy) Training
  • CRM Training
  • EU-OPS Training Course

Operational Line training

Introduction to airports:

  • with limited runway lengths
  • at high elevations (approx. 10.000 ft)
  • at temperatures (range: -50 to +50)
  • at adverse weather conditions depending on season (tornado, typhoon, volcanic ash, snowstorm)