Cargolux's Maintenance and Engineering division (M&E) supports the company's fleet of Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighter aircraft.  M&E is focused on providing top quality support which is measured by the remarkable dispatch rate.

Aircraft maintenance capability

Aircraft maintenance approvals: (EASA / FAA)

  • 747-400 / -8 : Base and line maintenance including periodic maintenance up to but not including D-Checks as defined in the Boeing MPD
  • B777-200 / -300: Line maintenance

Engine capability

Engine maintenance approvals:

CF6-80, RB211, GEnx and PW4000 Series: QEC and component replacement in accordance with the engine manufacturer’s manuals and in accordance with the Powerplant Equipment Shop Capability List

Components shop capability

In addition to component work, the support shops assist Line & Hangar Maintenance with expertise and specialized equipment.

Approvals for components other than complete engines or APUs, are detailed on the shop capability list available from Maintenance Sales Department.

Support shops include:

  • Engine Shop
  • Wheel & Brake Shop
  • Machine & Accessory Shop
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Interior Shop
  • CLS Shop (Cargo Loading System)
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Shop
  • Avionics Shop (Avionic, Instrument and Electrical)
  • Ground Equipment Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Composite Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • NDT Shop
  • Calibration Shop

Specialized services

The Cargolux Maintenance Division currently holds the following NDT and Specialized Services approvals:

  • Non Destructive Inspections (NDI)
  • Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Radiographic (ASTM-E-1444, E1417-95, Mil-Std-1537, Mil-Std-2154, Mil-Std-00453
  • Hardness & Electrical (Mil-Std-1537)
  • Boroscope Inspection
  • Welding Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) (W !, W2, W3, W5)
  • Calibration of Instruments and Tooling

Approvals for components other than complete engines or APUs, are detailed on the Shop Capability List available from Maintenance Sales Department.

Line station maintenance support

Maintenance staff is stationed at various locations around the world, outside Luxembourg main base, where release to service for maintenance is performed under the Cargolux EASA 145 Approval LU145.0002

Kindly apply to Maintenance Sales Department for further information

Third party maintenance

Maintenance services are available to third party customers. Cargolux offers customers skilled and dedicated services to enhance their aircraft serviceability.