Bringing Luxembourg to Dubai

The World Expo 2020 has officially been opened, a full year after its original start date. What were the main challenges for the Luxembourg pavilion? How did you work to alleviate these challenges? 

We are glad that we could finally open the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI. Despite the 1-year postponement, we did not exceed the original budget and I am particularly grateful that all of our partners and sponsors kept believing in Luxembourg’s presence at EXPO 2020 DUBAI.  

It is also thanks to the pandemic that the world expo with its theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” took on a new dimension.  

The pandemic has changed the way we interact and live together, and it showcased that we are much more interconnected than we might have been aware of. In that sense, Expo 2020 can be understood as the absolute will to come together as one and work cooperatively on a shared solution in a changed world.  

In fact, working together on the challenges of tomorrow has never been more urgent. 

The Luxembourg pavilion has many direct and indirect sponsors. What role do they play in the success of the venture? Why is this support so crucial to the project?  

Sponsors do not only provide the GIE LUXEMBOURG @ EXPO 2020 DUBAI with the necessary funds and some very important contribution in kind, essential to realize its project, but they also attach their brand image to the event. This significantly improves the reliability factor of any event. 

Cargolux is the Luxembourg pavilion’s logistical partner for this event. What does this entail and how does this transport support help with the organization of the event? 

Without such a strong and reliable logistical partner as Cargolux, the organization of this event, by the way the first Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, would be very difficult to realize. It is an amazing opportunity to have Europe’s leading all-cargo airline onboard.  

Already in 2010, the Gëlle Fra, a symbol of freedom and resistance for the Luxembourg people, was transported from Luxembourg to the Shanghai World Expo by Cargolux. 

Cargolux is a Luxembourg-based company and proud to collaborate on this project. What advantages does it bring to have a cargo carrier as a sponsor for an initiative such as this one? 

Thanks to the Diamond Sponsor agreement, Cargolux enables the GIE LUXEMBOURG @ EXPO 2020 DUBAI a free of charge air-transportation of goods by the Sponsor. Without such an agreement, it would have been a very difficult challenge to have all the products delivered in due time.